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Current Pantry Needs

The Southborough Food Pantry currently serves 64 Families (136 people).  We are open 2 days a week for on-site shopping and delivery. Prices have gone up. SNAP funds are being cut.  Southborough came to our rescue during the Covid pandemic when the number of families who rely on us doubled.  Donations have dropped off lately and we really need them to help us help these families meet their food insufficiencies. Items on our Needs list are in very short supply at the Pantry.  Would you please help us?

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As of February 16th:
Paper towels
Regular Coffee
Almond Milk
Vegetable Oil
Dill Pickles
Ziplock Quart Bags
Ziplock Gallon Freezer Bags
Wheat Thins
Club Crackers
Raspberry Jelly
Alfredo Sauce
Corn Starch
After Shave
Dish Detergent
Cranberry Juice
Corned Beef Hash
Sensitive Laundry Detergent
Chips Ahoy
Green Olives
Beef Stew
Yellow Cake Mix
Suddenly Salad
Peanut Butter Crackers

Please note that everything else is fully stocked.  We appreciate your generosity and will update the list as the pantry needs change.
Cash donations and gift cards for Stop & Shop, Price Chopper, Market  Basket, Target, Walgreen’s and CVS are always welcome and can be sent to:
The United Parishes of Southborough Food Pantry
c/o Pilgrim Congregational Church
P.O. Box 281
Southborough, MA 01772
You can donate online via our secure app:

Please use the donation bins at the back door of Fellowship Hall.
Please do not put perishable items into the donation tubs.
Please check expiration dates on all donations.